Lets Go Personal

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So I don’t normally like to dip into my personal life here because I like to keep us focused on what we all really care about and that is fashion and the latest fashion trends and hottest designers. However, because I feel a close relationship with you all I wanted to talk a bit about something I’ve been dealing with that some of you may have experienced or are experiencing as well. That something is hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are a strictly difficult type of condition to deal with. They cause swollen veins and extreme pain throughout the rectum or even the anus. They are caused by all sorts of things, including during pregnancy and even after constipation. When dealing with a hemorrhoid, it’s not uncommon to want the feeling of relief in your body. This is why people have been recommending Venapro. Wearing nice clothes or trying on the latest fashion trends can cause pain if the clothes interfere with your rectum or anus.

What is Venapro?

Venapro is the latest new homeopathic treatment to help provide relief to those dealing with difficult hemorrhoids. The product consists of two separate steps: the supplement and the typical ointment spray.

The supplement is meant to help fight the condition from the inside out. This helps the skin reform back to its original state and give it the strength that it needs to be stronger. It’s an overall high quality supplement with hemorrhoid fighting ingredients.

The relief formula found in the supplement has natural ingredients that have homeopathic medicine. With the spray, you can the added topical treatment to help get the hemorrhoids to stop right away. Relief happens almost instantly with the topical spray. Just three sprays a day can get the natural ingredients to go straight into the blood streams and create healing. It fights the inner condition, and with the supplement handling the problem even deeper, healing can happen fairly quickly.

For most people, Venapro can get results right away while others may require some consistent treatment for a few weeks or even a few months to see complete healing. However, everybody will feel relief right away using this. Since it doesn’t have any harmful drugs or unnecessary medication inside, it is a very strong and powerful medication to help give relief.

Looking for more? Decide for yourself as to whether or not this is the right solution for you:




Things We Find In Our Dressing Rooms

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O.K. so we’re an online company and as such we don’t have dressing rooms per se, but having spent many years in traditional retail outlets I can tell you I’ve seen many a strange thing in my day in a dressing room.  Now, why am I writing a blog post about it? Well, this stems from a conversation I recently had with a friend of mine and it started with that very same statement.

So, what are some of the most interesting things I’ve personally seen in a dressing room?  Let’s start with this short list and maybe I’ll share some other items in a future post.

1) Fruit basket: Yes, a fruit basket.  This one was left around the holidays so I’m assuming someone got a present they didn’t particularly want or they picked up a present for someone and then changed their mind.  The first thing people ask me when I tell them about this one is “did you take it home and eat the fruit”.  No I did not folks.  Sorry, I simply don’t trust people and who knows where this thing had been.

2) Feminine products: I’ve seen them all.  Unfortunately.  Yuk.  No real need to discuss this further.

3) Warts treatment: Apparently one of our customers had an issue with warts.  I had never hear of this particular product called Wartrol, but there it was in my dressing room.  Since I never heard of it I figured I would do some internet research on it.  If you have warts or know of someone that does you can check it out at this website: http://wheretobuywartrol.net

Hope things work for you if you do and stay tuned for my next post!


Health and Beauty too?

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Here at Kim Wirth we know we’re all about the fashion tip but we’re thinking of expanding our blog to include tips about health and beauty as well.  I mean, let’s face it, fashion, health, and beauty all work together don’t they? Or at least they should.  So what say you our loyal readers? Should we include health and beauty tips?

Here’s one product we’ll start off with.  This product is designed to help you get rid of hyperpigmentation.  It’s called Meladerm cream and the Meladerm reviews have been extremely positive.  Want to hear more about it? Let us know.

For now, here’s more information on this exciting product: